Victor Nsisong Okorie
Victor Nsisong OkorieB.Eng., gLMP Field Service Engineer at P.E.T. Associates Limited, Lagos, Nigeria An authorised representative of AF Compressors S.A Liege, Belgium
I left university 2016, heard so many talks that you can stay back home without a job. Stark realities! Despite that, I didn’t allow people’s notion to get over me. I joined LinkedIn majorly to share ideas, get advice help. I connected with Ita John (PhD). He was sociable engaging. He shared links of some of his articles that were quite helpful in my career leap.

One of which was “CV WOW FACTOR” For me, this was the leapfrog to getting job interview invites. His approach was awesome. I followed all his lessons. At the interview, the interviewers were amazed at my approach to resume presentation, as it caught their attention. I finally got the job! Friends! I tell you Dr John is an excellent, knowledgeable and a patient coach. His methodology of job-finding coaching is top-notch. LinkedIn is never a scam! Lol! With Ita John (PhD), you get to know how to relate to connections, contribute seek help.

Have you been finding it difficult to scale through interviews or probably you don’t seem to have that ELEVATOR PITCH that would land you a JOB in split seconds without many stories? Dr John is your big bet to help! He’s TASTED TRUSTED!! I strongly urge you to connect with Dr John today turn any unemployment stories to good!

Usman A. (Phd candidate)
Usman A. (Phd candidate)Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK
Since then, the relationship has grown in leaps and bounds. In the last six months of 2017, Dr John’s career’s guidance and transformational strategies on employability have helped me immensely to focus on developing distinctive job skills in project management ─ a field I want to build a life-long career in after my PhD.

He showed me what exactly to do to gain practical work experience in PM and the certifications to acquire. In all, I will be the best well-round and ready for the world of work after my PhD. Dr John, thank you and thank you again for sharing your expertise and experience!

Michael J. I. (Delta State, Nigeria)
Michael J. I. (Delta State, Nigeria)Aspiring Process Automation Engineer Linkedin
I have been able to redo my LinkedIn profile to a professional level, learn how to connect and have connected with lots of professionals in my chosen career, which has given me direct access to building relationships and to be mentored directly by professionals who have achieved everything I’m currently trying to achieve in my career. I have gained immense benefits from these mentorships.

As a student, not only has Dr John coached me on how to build valuable relationships with professionals but I am also actively adding values to my mentors which makes the whole relationship very cordial.I’m now ahead of my fellow colleagues when it comes to writing a winning CVs and cover letters that have the elements of a “Wow Factor.”

I’m still very much on the learning process, and I have a firm belief as I go further in the coaching programme I would have built active relationships with professionals who will not hesitate to refer me to jobs in my chosen career and industry soon!

I strongly recommend him and his Norwood Employability training programme to every undergraduate, postgraduate and unemployed youth in general.

Neda Ebadi
Neda EbadiMSC in Architecture Architect-Researcher
I wish to use this opportunity to say a big “thank you” to Ita for all the things he taught me. I’m yet to meet such a knowledgeable coach.

I connected with him on LinkedIn early this year 2018. Firstly, I needed help in my post-graduate admission. He helped me to improve my CV and motivation letter as well as interview skills toward my application. And all the search for a suitable university. He was articulate and painstaking all through the processes and hurray his hard work paid off: I got admitted to a Germany university to begin early 2019. I would without any hesitation recommend him any time any day to any candidate who needs assistance in these areas.

He also revamped my LinkedIn profile. His style toward making someone to stand out on LinkedIn was eye-opening to me. He worked on my:
👉 Profile Picture
👉 Background Image
👉 Headline
👉 Summary Section
👉 Experience Section
👉 Education
👉 Accomplishment Section

You needed to have seen my original LinkedIn before I met and worked with Dr. Ita to now have a profile that’s is not only client-facing but also optimised.

He is a patient teacher and understands the psychology of the learner and always ensures I leave every session with the solutions to my challenges.

Chinwe. U. (Lagos, Nigeria)
Chinwe. U. (Lagos, Nigeria)B.Sc Physics and industrial Physics First Class Honours
After the initial interactions to assess my desired job role, Dr Ita John took my LinkedIn profile and transformed it. I doubted if that was my LinkedIn profile (cheeky grin!!!)

We worked together on the Profile picture/headshot, background image, the summary, the experience, and education units. We completed all the sections of the LinkedIn.

The lessons on how to prepare for that dream job, finding the job role, researching on the companies that are employing for that role, tips on how to network with my alumni, 2nd & 3rd connections to help with referrals and informational interviews were the steps I needed to start on a good footing. Next training was how to write a good resume to bring out the ‘WOW FACTOR’, this was indeed eye-opening beyond my imagination as I was barely a week into the training. I would recommend everyone to get their CV makeover by Dr Ita John!

Ita is readily accessible, prompt at his meetings and gives notice if otherwise and always make-up for lost time. One virtue I know Ita possesses is ‘Patience’ and he is an understanding fellow, even with the occasional bad network here in Nigeria. He is very welcoming, always finding measures to reach out to me to proffer solutions and see how we can move on amidst the distortion.

I am still working with Him and I can measure lots of progress down the line with my alumni network. I believe I’m moving on to the next phase which is the informational interview with the progress I have gotten so far, and I am now more confident about my success.

Shaivya V., PhD
Shaivya V., PhDDallas/Fort Worth Area, Texas
He took my LinkedIn profile page and ignited it in a way I hadn’t seen done before. We worked together on the

👉 Headshot
👉 Background
👉 Headline
👉 Summary
👉 Experience

Among other sections of my LinkedIn. The lessons on resumé writing to bring out the ‘wow’ factor’, cover letter and tips on how to network with alumni and others to increase my chances of getting more interviews were very practical and helpful. He was always prompt in answering my correspondences, resolving my doubts and very accessible. He has always created time for me. With the number of informational interviews that I’m getting presently because of the training from Norwood Employability I’m now very much closer to landing my dream job with confidence as a market research analyst.

Oduola Olasumbo Mudirakat
Oduola Olasumbo MudirakatBiochemist Biogenerics Nigeria Limited (Ibadan, Nigeria)
I knew Dr. John early this year (2018) even though I wished it should have been much earlier like during my university days but all the same, I’m glad I had the opportunity to have met him, thanks to LinkedIn. After all, it’s better late than never!

As a fresh graduate whose dream is to be an inspiration to the upcoming ones, yet I was striving to make way for the beginning of the career-building despite the very little work experience.

Then, I met Dr John who not only gave me a clear picture of the outside life but was there to see that I am a step to my dreams.
With him and Norwood Employability, I became more finished and grew from that student personality to an employable personality. Throughout those periods of re-branding the new me, he never gave up on me despite my shortcomings.

Even with his tight schedule, he would still always create time for me. He would fondly say everyone is busy but still time must be created.
Here I am today, I got my very first job less than 3 months after The National Youth Service Corp, Nigeria and then my success story just began!

Thanks, so much Dr John, for not giving up on me and for being there always.

I am truly blessed to have known you.


NATHAN CLIFFORDArtificial Intelligence & Data Analytics Zinox Technologies, Lagos, Nigeria
Thank you, Dr John. It was your review of my CV and your posts including cover letter tips and personal statement that made me to stand out. Job seekers should not be afraid to ask for help, collaborate and network. It marks the beginning of the end of job search.

Ita John is passionate about what he does, which is to help graduates become visible to recruiters via LinkedIn profile make-over as well as guidance in the writing and presenting your curriculum vitae with the best personality-selling touch. He then follows through to ensure the candidate maximises every opportunity that shows up. He played a major role in helping me get to where I am today. Give to Ita John, what he knows how best to do.

David ALADEAssociate - Risk Assurance PwC Nigeria
Your search for Job may need to drive you to John before you rest, not because you can’t get a job before meeting him but because once you meet him, your approach to job searching will be re-engineered to meet up with reality. He is a Man of his craft, when he says do, do it, read, read it, don’t do, don’t do it… it’s that simple. Seek him today for your enquiry regarding employability.

He works cross country as well, so don’t worry about geographical location. Thank you, John, for your help and advice. The 30-60-90 Day plan was top-notch👌

Suleiman Ibrahim
Suleiman IbrahimFinal-Year Accounting Undergraduate University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria.
Career path can only be successful when you meet the right people. As an undergraduate, I figured this out on how I can succeed on getting my dream job upon graduation then I joined LinkedIn. I didn’t know where to start from until a miracle happened when I connected with Ita John (PhD)

He started building me up professionally and sent articles to me on how I can connect with people and most especially the alumni connections. And now I have great numbers of my alumni who are willing to help me out and show me the way upon graduation which is a dream come true for me.
Ita John (PhD) is the best man when it comes to career coaching; he is super good. It’s a blessing meeting you, sir. I want to thank you for being a part of my success!

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  • Avatar Zoe Sessions ★★★★★ a year ago
    Dr. Ita is an absolutely great guy and does even better on his job. He operates with insanely high levels of professionalism, excellence and conscientiousness.
    I'm quite happy to recommend him to whoever is looking to hire his services!
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  • Avatar emmanuel egundeyi ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    Coming in contact with Norwood Employability has really been one of the best thing to happen to my career growth, their CV revamp is mindblowing and I must admit I've learnt a lot to put my career on the right path
  • Avatar Johnson Okwudili ★★★★★ 10 months ago
    I never knew I would get an opportunity like this which got me well informed on how to work on my CV; they render affordable services in a timely manner.
    I would comfortably refer my friends to equally benefit from their services. I recommend
    … More Norwood Employability, without reservations, to professionals.
  • Avatar suleman ibrahim ★★★★★ a year ago
    Norwood Employability,simply the best! Do you want your CV to capture any HR attention towards you securing your dream job then Norwood Employability is the right place to go to! They also professional career advice and also recruitment … More training that will make you scale through your interview ..get in touch with the professionals today and make a better tomorrow!
  • Avatar Jo Mi ★★★★★ a year ago
    He is an outstanding coach. He is always there for me even when I falter. I've experienced a huge growth in my career and how I interact with professionals.
    Best Wishes
  • Avatar Kaiso Dahnyels ★★★★★ 10 months ago
    Dr. Ita is an absolutely great guy and does even better on his job. He operates with insanely high levels of professionalism, excellence and conscientiousness.
    I'm quite happy to recommend him to whoever is looking to hire his services!
    … More

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