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Our mission is simple:
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The Beginning

It all started with Dr. Ita John. Coming to England with a Bachelor’s Degree and a Masters in Economics and Finance, then completing a PhD in Entrepreneurship Development and International Business, he was confident that he’d have no problem in finding a high-quality job, fast.

The Struggle

But it just didn’t happen fast. Dr. John found that, despite his undoubted drive and strong academic credentials, the quality of the jobs employers offered were far below his capabilities. It took him 13 long months to get his first lecturing job.

The Question

Here was a puzzle; why, as a motivated and highly qualified individual, was he not able to land the job he deserved? And was it just him, or was this the experience of other graduates, especially those from outside of the UK?

The Discovery

The answers revealed by his research and analysis were surprising. Most graduates, despite their obvious intelligence and diligence, have no idea how to apply for a job. It isn’t something the educators taught at school or university. Instead, they rely on trial and error, guessing what might work, or relying on Google to provide the answers. Some get lucky and stumble into their dream careers. However, most don’t, ending up working in jobs that are unsuitable or even spending long periods unemployed.

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The Problem

And for those from outside the UK, the job market is even tougher to break into, even if they have the most impressive academic credentials imaginable.

Our Mission

Armed with these answers, Dr. Ita John had a new purpose in life. To help highly-qualified, educated individuals break through the barriers and get the jobs and careers they deserve – because they do deserve them. It was, therefore, this ambition that led him to found Norwood Employability, and these values that still drive the company forward today.

Prior to his careers service experience at Norwood Employability, Dr Ita John lectured in the university for eight years. However, in the last three years, he recruits for the London .Net Developers IT market at Star Jobs Recruitment and placed 1178+ professionals in top companies. He manages NE Careers Connect and MyCVWriters as well.

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Our Services

Norwood Employability has helped 1741+ job-seekers to kick-start their careers. Our team of experts works one-to-one with you, teaching you how to be the best possible candidate for whatever job you are applying for in life.

We give you the knowledge and confidence that Dr. Ita John wishes that he had, 12 years ago, when he was struggling to get his career started.

Job opportunities are there. So, you just need to know how to unlock them. Let us show you how.


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