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Job Market Smart Preparation


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Prepare to get hired quicker upon graduation.
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Job Market Smart Preparation


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Prepare to get hired quicker upon graduation.
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Does this really apply to me?

If you are a current student, you may well be thinking – why should I care about all this? Surely thinking about my career can wait? I study hard, getting a good job won’t be a problem, right?

Wrong. Not just wrong. Dangerous.

Face up to reality

The hard truth is this. There are far, far more graduates than there are graduate jobs. Every time employers advertise any good jobs, there will be dozens of applicants.
Perhaps even more than a hundred.
Does that sound like you’ll have a good chance of landing your dream job straight out of uni? Clearly not!
However, unless you start to think about your future career NOW, those are the kind of odds you’ll be facing.

Not a level playing field

Remember too, the job market is NOT fair. You might have impressive qualifications and be a hard worker, but that will apply to half the other candidates.
And sadly, some of those other candidates will have an unfair advantage.
Maybe, they’ve already done work experience at the company.
Perhaps, there’s a family friend on the board.
Possibly they went to the same private school as the recruiter.
Unfair? Yes. But that’s the reality of the situation.

We can help

You need to start taking this whole ‘job’ thing seriously, now.
At Norwood Employability, we take your future career prospects VERY seriously.
And that’s why you should let us help you.
We can help to level the playing field so that you can rise above the unfairness of the job market.
We can teach you the strategies that will mean you can outshine the other candidates, whatever their advantages.
We can turn your academic achievements into immediate career success.

Act Now


Benefits of Completing this Job-Readiness Training Programme

We will set out the exact steps you will need to take to succeed in the job market. You won’t need to rely on trial and error because we will teach you tried and tested methods, enabling you to get an excellent job within three months of graduating.

As long as you take our training seriously and follow our advice exactly, you will be way ahead of the competition when it comes to applying for jobs.

You receive insider knowledge from our global recruitment insiders.

Our experienced experts will give you their full support and answer your questions. They will continue to assist you even after the formal coaching has ended.

Here are the steps we will take you through during our programme. This approach has brought success for clients who have now taken up roles in finance, IT, government, science & tech, healthcare, and in other sectors.

1. What job role?

We will start with an initial consultation in which we’ll discuss the real-world job role you wish to aim for as a career. We will follow this up by creating a job-finding and readiness plan covering the next 6 – 24 months or even further ahead.

2. Skills assessment

We direct you to enrol on an appropriate training course if there is a need for you to do so. You will learn to use and master the software tools used in the target role.

3. Job connections

We will show you how to join small job referral networks which will quickly yield job opportunities.

4. Building relationships

We will teach you how to build professional relationships with practitioners in your industry. This will include advice on how to put together email ‘connection’ requests, using language that will ensure that high-level individuals will be eager to get back to you, and perhaps even to offer you a job!

5. Useful contributions

Next, we will cover 11 methods that will allow you to keep adding value to the people with whom you’re building a relationship. We will also teach you what to avoid, making sure that you don’t come across badly.

6. Concrete experience

We will show you how to seek and get practical work or project experience. This may be a placement or internship or may require you to volunteer at the related business or organisation.

NOTE: Work experience is always critical! This differentiates you from candidates without any experience when applying for a job!

7. Relevant certifications

We will encourage you to gain appropriate professional certifications for your desired role.This will significantly increase your credibility and employability when applying for a job.

8. Wowing CVs

We will show you how to write a winning CV and cover letter. Our focus here is the key concepts that every CV bullet point should include – “transferable skills”, “technical knowledge” and “quantifiable results”.

9. LinkedIn rightly

We will teach you how to create an engaging and useful LinkedIn profile that showcases your qualifications, experience and professional skills.

10. Passing interviews

We will offer you interview coaching, preparing you so that you know what to say and what not to say. We will also teach you how to conduct post-interview analysis.

11. Value validation project

We will teach you how to write brief commercial research papers in subjects that you have little or no experience in previously. This skill will showcase your potential for problem-solving

12. Work-in-progress CV

We will give you tips on how to build, and keep building, your CV over time, keeping it relevant, fresh and up-to-date.

13. Hidden job market

We’ll show how to access the ‘hidden job market’ (which now represents around 80% of all available jobs).

14. Negotiation skills

We will teach you the principles required to negotiate your first salary, enabling you to boost it by 5-15%.

15. Post-employment tips

Finally, we will give you further post-employment tips. Many of them are related to negotiation skills and promotions. These will keep you at the top of your game.

Focused & Flexible Method of Training & Learning

We do conduct the training in a friendly and relaxed setting.

We use Skype or Zoom or TeamViewer etc. – whatever works for you!

We provide all the materials ─ templates, videos, reading/study material links