“I Can’t Get A Job. What Should I Do Differently?”

“I’m still in school; I want to get a good job after graduating. I see graduates and higher degree holders struggling to get jobs after their education.”


“I don’t want to experience this. How do I prepare smartly for the job market before I graduate?”


Act today! To avoid ‘had I known.’


The job market is competitive and is getting fiercer day-by-day.


You need a plan, a road map with proven rock-solid strategies.


What is your plan? Don’t worry, Norwood Employability knows how…


To prepare you for your dream job and save you from searching for jobs endlessly afterwards.

We Are Happy to Guide You

Here’s why you should train with us today…

✍ Each month you remain unemployed, you’re losing money – £30,000 annual average (as unearned income). So, enrol in our ‘get the job quicker’ training programme today!

✍ Schools don’t teach everyone how to find jobs upon graduation.

✍ Google (and Googling) doesn’t organise all job-finding information into a format to be readily useful to job seekers. Our experienced team does. You need an experienced career coach to guide

✍ The training packages we offer are based on specialised knowledge backed by our focus group research and guaranteed to land you a job faster!

✍ Your future is in your hands, hence, you need to be proactive in getting your desired career.


3 in 1


If you are an undergraduate these services are designed for you!


Have you been working in the field and are working on your post graduate degree? We have resources just for your next move.

Job Seekers

Looking for a job or just graduated and ready to embark on your new life?

Career Changers

Ready to make the move to a new career? We can help you transition.

Group Workshop Speaking-Employability

Are you holding an employment related event that needs a key speaker or facilitation of a workshop? We can help!

Studying abroad

Do you desire to study abroad and make that change you dreamed of? We can help!

Some people we have assisted

Here is what they think about us.

“I finally got the job! Friends! I tell you Dr John is an excellent, knowledgeable and a patient coach. His methodology of job-finding coaching is top-notch. LinkedIn is never a scam! Lol! With Ita John (PhD), you get to know how to relate to connections, contribute & seek help.”


Victor Nsisong Okorie

An authorised representative of AF Compressors S.A Liege, Belgium

“He helped me to improve my CV and motivation letter as well as interview skills toward my application.”


Neda Ebadi

MSc in Architecture Architect-Researcher- Germany

“He has always created time for me. With the number of informational interviews that I’m getting presently because of the training from Norwood Employability.”


Shaivya V., PhD

Dallas/Fort Worth Area, Texas

“With him and Norwood Employability, I became more finished and grew from that student personality to an employable personality. Throughout those periods of re-branding the new me, he never gave up on me despite my shortcomings.”


Oduola Olasumbo

Biogenerics Nigeria Limited, Ibadan, Nigeria

“Dr John’s career’s guidance and transformational strategies on employability have helped me immensely to focus on developing distinctive job skills in project management ─ a field I want to build a life-long career in after my PhD.”


Usman A. (Phd candidate)

Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK

“He is a Man of his craft, when he says do, do it, read, read it, don’t do, don’t do it… it’s that simple. Thank you, John, for your help and advice. The 30-60-90 Day plan was top-notch.”



Associate – Risk Assurance PwC Nigeria