A Nightmare Scenario

No job. No money. No prospects.

A frightening thought, isn’t it? But you could easily find yourself in this situation. You might even be living through it now.

A tough path to the top

The fact is, the job market is fiercely competitive. Sure, if you’re happy delivering pizzas or typing the same old data into a computer, all day, every day, there might be plenty of jobs to go around. But if you want to enter a top profession or start on a high-level career, things are going to be difficult.

Beat the competition

For a start, for every position that comes up, there’ll be literally dozens of applicants. All highly educated. All hungry to succeed. All are wanting that job just as much as you do.

You need a way to stand out from the crowd and mark you out as better than all those other candidates. And that’s where Norwood Employability can help.

Borrow our knowledge

We know what it’ll take for you precisely to land the job you dream about in life. With our years of experience and our proven expertise behind you, we guarantee that you’ll succeed while those around you continue to fail.

We Can Give You The Skills You Need

Not sure how to write the perfect cover letter or create a CV? We’ll show you how.

No idea how to network with the kind of top executives and professionals who have the power to hand you your perfect career on a plate? Let us teach you how to make a connection.

No plan for what you’re going to say at your all-important interview? We’ll coach you on what you need to talk about precisely to impress your future employers.

“The combination of persistence and curiosity is very good predictor of employee success in a knowledge economy.”

Eric SchmidtCHAIRMAN OF Alphabet, the parent company of Google

Delay is disastrous

Still don’t want to take the plunge and sign up with us?

Think of it this way.

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Every day you are unemployed, or in a substandard job, you are losing money.
Every month you are unemployed, or in a substandard job, you become less employable.
Each week you are unemployed, or in a substandard job, your sense of self-worth decreases.
So why not let us help you?

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.