If you are a job seeker reading this piece, I have one question for you:

What does your CV say about you?

One sure thing you should know in your job search journey is that your CV is an advertising space!

The whole art of job search is akin to the art of sales. You are selling you! Your potential employer is the buyer, and You are the buy-in!🤗

This is why when I meet job seekers who have been searching for jobs for longer than 6 months, all I see is a candidate who hasn’t mastered the art of selling him/herself.


I don’t see somebody who is not good enough or intelligent enough or even skilful enough.

From my experience as a careers person, I can tell you for free that there are many job seekers out there who know their onions. But because they either don’t know how to position themselves for opportunities or haven’t developed the art of selling themselves.

Sadly, the latter is usually the case.

Listen to me, young friends, job-hunting is a competition that favours those who stand out from the crowd.

It begins with your CV.

Pay great attention to “What” you say in your CV and “How” you say it.

For instance, you do not stand out from the crowd by just saying you have good or excellent communication skillsgood customer service or IT skills etc… you become unique by demonstrating how you have these skills!

One of the ways to achieve this is when you give facts and figures.

Statistics show that CVs with numbers 123, symbols £€$N or % catch recruiters’ attention faster than mere words.

Moreover, focus on achievements rather than responsibilities or tasks you have carried out in the past. Let your CV showcase the values you can bring to the organisation using examples of what value you have brought in the past!

Learn how to do this by reading my article on communicating your achievements.

Finally and more importantly, check for mechanical accuracy. Every recruiter needs to employ someone who pays attention to detail, and a grammatically error-free CV is one of the ways you can show that you pay attention to the seemingly little things.

I mean, why would an employer trust you with letters or emails if you can’t even send your own CV without errors?

Check your spellings, your tenses and appropriateness of words. These speak volume about your English language skills and presentation.

 These are just basics in employability training, so join us @ www.norwoodemployability.com for the super drilling.

We don’t promise it will be an easy ride, but rest assured that you are coming out with your job offer letter in hand!

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