And I ask, “Are there really no jobs for the average graduate out there?

Who else heard tales on how jobs were already available to students writing their final papers in the good ol’ days?

All you needed to do was go to school, study hard and graduate with good grades.

Well, they aren’t called good ol’ days for nothing, are they? 😁

But it is a Frustrated worker putting head on tabletradition that times change; coupled with the increase in awareness and literacy which has raised the bar of competitiveness in career endeavours.

But what did the present-day job seeker do?

He still went to school, studied hard and graduated with good grades hoping to get jobs offered on silver platters.

Isn’t this akin to fighting new wars with old battle weapons?


The challenge is not that there are no jobs. Rather, it is that the strategy/technique of getting the jobs available has changed; and many do not want to evolve with it.

Move on with the world.

Yes. You are not a tree.

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