Why do you apply for jobs you know you are not qualified for?

Note: I do not mean under-qualified for!

Here’s what “not qualified” means:

1) Your core competencies do not match the core requirements of the role.

2) Your skillset does not align with the job.

3) You have less than 50% of the job requirements.

4)  You cannot relocate to the job location.


This is not in any way trying to stir you up for nothing or discourage your efforts and resilience. Not at all.

If anything, my asking you the questions above is coming from a place of genuine concern.

Just as every job advert has specific requirements, so does every job seeker has specific major skills is a given area.

Truth is, we all have something to offer. No job seeker is “worthless.” Why a lot of us have it challenging is because we are bringing the wrong items to the table. I mean, of what use is a Michael Jackson to a wrestling team or a Mohammed Ali to a team of astronauts. Imagine if Lionel Messi kept applying to a basketball academy!

Their chances in these scenarios are a little slim to none.

Guess what!

MJ, M. Ali and Messi are not better than you. They simply found areas where their skills were high in and dwelled there.

Think that way in your next job search.

The idea is to apply for jobs where those skills align.

Beyond just landing a job, you will likely build a long-lasting career in the field as it is in line with your skills, passion and interest.

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