Uploading job applications, submitting cover letters and CVs are only but one aspect of the job search process. I mean, every job seeker does these, yes?

I’m about to show you another way. The route seldom was taken by 99% job seekers👇

Follow these steps carefully:

1. Focus your research on the company’s core vision and mission, and most especially the challenges and threats they are currently facing. Don’t fret.

Let me break it down in simple steps. Research =Company’s mission + Vision + challenges + threats.

You must take time to decipher the needs of the company.

Unless it is a monopoly, which is usually unlikely, most companies have competitors and threats. Your research should be centred on the area of proffering solutions to these challenges and beating the threats.

So, what you basically need to do is to discover how your skills, knowledge and expertise will help the company solve practical problems. A lot of CVs and résumés already have accounts of the responsibilities the candidate has carried out in the past.

So how about following this unique approach by making yours tell the company not just what you’ve done in the past, but how you can add value to their future.

A Job-winning CV is one that doesn’t dwell in the past but looks ahead and showcases all the great things you can contribute to the company in the future.

2. Network with the people already working in your dream company (or in this case, the company you are applying for). Politely reach out to these insiders, and you will be amazed at how valuable their support will prove to you. They were once job seekers like you, so from their experiences, they could likely give you one or two tips on how to ace the interview.

If you play your social skill cards well, and network aright with top persons in the company, you may even get a referral from them!

Like it or not, there’s always a higher chance of recruiting a candidate from employee referral than otherwise.

Thinking of ways to start?

This platform already makes this process a lot easier as you can see the employees of a company by simply going to the company’s profile. Start from here…but remember to always establish a connection before you ask favours and advice.

Drawing of caricature humans3. Be a Star…Shine!

Listen, when the chances are one in a million, be that “one”.

This takes work. In case no one has ever told you, looking for a job is a job! Don’t just spend weeks or months merely job seeking. While at it, build a reputation as someone who has the best performance, skills, and personality for the type of job you want.

Take the following personality tests, and you will be amazed where you fit and for what role: Deloitte Business ChemistryCrystal Knows; and Myers Briggs.

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