One of the most effective ways of achieving anything is to simplify the process.
In the spirit of simplifying things, know it today that turning your dreams to reality is not as hard as you think.

Are you a job seeker? Follow this seemingly simple to-do list & see how much difference a to-do list can make.

Let’s go!

1. Strategise. This begins with you being specific about the job you want. Plan on how you intend to land it. Example, getting on job sites. ─

2. Tailor résumé or CV, and cover letter to the job role. If you cannot do this on your own, please get the services of a professional. It is not that expensive and sure makes a huge difference.

3. Begin to Apply. The job you want won’t be offered on a gold platter. You must apply for it in the proper way. Follow all the instructions of applications and you will be called up for an interview in no time.

4. Ask for Help.
You do not have to do this alone. Get a career coach to lead you. You will be guided on how to go about this journey from fine-tuning your résumé to polishing your interview skills. I assure you that the journey will be easier and faster.

5. Network.
Go out there and take your destiny in your hands. The chances of landing a job from referral recommendation are so much higher. So, network aright. You never can tell! ─

6. Up-skill and Reskill. Since you know what job you want, get the skills appropriate for it. It also boosts your self-confidence ─

7. Go Get the Job!

Do you agree?

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