Mostly, when job seekers prepare for an interview, it is almost always about the questions the interviewer will ask…and scarcely about the one question the interviewee should ask.

A lot of questions I get from young job seekers usually revolve round suitable answers to give to certain frequently asked interview questions like your strength/weakness, how you handle pressure, why you should be hired, and a host of other cliché questions.

But here’s something many of you may not have taken appreciable time to consider.

The questions you will be asked are to mainly to ascertain two things: how suitable you are for the role and how well you have done your homework on the organisation’s background. That is for the organisation.

Now, what about you. Yes. You! Have you bothered to know why you also need to ask the one question?

Many of you rarely think of the one question you shouldn’t fail to ask. My ardent readers are already guessing what the question is. Well, your guess is as good as mine.

Here’s a hint for new readers: It usually comes at the end of the interview session, and often asked in a nonchalant manner.

Trust me, and this question is an opportunity to know the ‘men’ from the ‘boys’; treat it nonchalantly at your own peril. For other candidates, it may be the rounding-off question, many of them even expect it but only a few actually prepare for it.

But that shouldn’t be the case for the deliberate job seeker like you! Herein lies one of the most important opportunities to shine! Use it wisely!

Oh, several readers may still not know what question I am talking about yet?

Well… Here:

“Do you have any questions for us?”

Before you read further, can you sincerely think of the appropriate question at this point?

Let me give you a quick hack for this. Make sure to prepare your own question while preparing for their questions. And this should stem from your research on the organisation.

Another cleverly smart way to do this is to attentively take notes during the interview session and then ask a question from the session. It shows what a good listener you are too.

Usually, this question appears like an open cheque, but please, for the sake of standing out, do not ask just any question for asking sake.

I’ve met a lot of interviewees who honestly do not have any questions to ask (which is unacceptable by the way), but in a bid to save face, they go asking just any question for the sheer sake of asking.

Hello? You are doing yourself more harm than good! You may even risk creating a wrong impression about the kind of employee you will be. Nobody wants that.

When you ask an irrelevant question, a question already answered in the interview process or a question whose answer you already know. You are reducing your points.

And trust me, there’s no better way to shut the door against one’s self.

What then is the one question you shouldn’t fail to ask.

Because there are several roles for different industries, here is what to make sure is included in your one question:

1) Make sure it is related to the role you are interviewing for.

2) Make sure it is not a yes or no question.

3) Make sure it is within the circumference of the organisation and industry.

4) Feedback on your performance. What you should improve on.

5) Makes sure the question is informative.

Remember to keep your question(s) precise and straightforward.

This might just be the opportunity to land your dream job. Give it what it takes!!!

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