The competition out there is fierce.

Vacancies are relatively limited and as such will ever be unable to sufficiently encompass two-thirds of applicants.

One wonders what the fate of the average job-seeker out there is, particularly in the face of a labour market that is speedily taken over by digitalisation and artificial intelligence (AI).

I am not trying to create a gloomy scenario or dampen your expectations, but then, it is what it is.

But we will not dwell on the employment limitations and challenges of the new era job seeker.

Instead, I am going to show you a career life hack that works 99% of the time.


Let’s go. First of all, do not get it twisted.

abstract conceptThere is really no easy way of getting anything truly worthwhile, especially if it has to do with something as important as a job.

However, this does not in any way justify the frustrations and struggles a lot of job seekers face or encounter in their job search journey.

The career hack I will show you will ensure that your job hunt journey is directed and ultimately reduced.

You do not necessarily have to kiss the metaphorical frogs before meeting your Prince in the job world.

Instead, you can plan on what frog to kiss and the possible outcomes that will spring from your connection with it.

Life, in all its facets, has always been likened to a game of chess. I may not be a master chess player, but the fundamental rule which guides that game is: “Calculate Every Step!”

Keep this statement in mind as we progress into the “easiest” way to land a dream job.

This practical way makes for a more intentional approach in taking your career destiny in your hands.

Note my use of “way” in the singular and not the plural form.

Five happy office workers


It is deliberate because I want you to see all the hacks as springing from one source.

Matter of fact, they are all interconnected as each step gives credence to the next step, the one after it and it goes on.

You will just have to drop the traditional attitude of looking for a job. Think of ways in which jobs will look for you!

First things first. Keep the CVs and resumes aside. Sit down and think of an in-demand niche.

Irrespective of what you studied in college; a lot is actually different in the world of work.

So, embrace the transition and get with the program.

The Internet has made several kinds of research easier, so it is best you search out profitable and in-demand skills.

No job is as lucrative as jobs that require top demand skills. You will definitely see one or two of these skills that appeal to you.

Two factors you will have to consider when picking a new skill is your adaptability level to that niche and how fast you can learn it. You can learn digital marketing as well.


Time is of the essence because it makes sense to secure the job in the shortest possible time.

Once you are good, then go ahead and update your LinkedIn profile.

Then see how recruiters will fall over themselves to contact you.

Usually, these skills do not require many years of experience, you just have to be good at what you do.

I am not promising that at this point, the dream job will land. No. You wouldn’t want that either. I will tell you why…

You need a “testing” ground to bloom. So, when offers come, go with the gigs and then use the little time to master all you have learnt.

A beautiful African ladyKeep updating your profile and look out for opportunities where there are likely to be more vacancies than there are candidates to fill them which are always the case with in-demand skills.

You will be at the top of the game.

The is the era of fearless job hunting. Escape the rat race!

And never forget networking rightly!!

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