Job-Winning CV Service (For Mid-Career Level Candidates)


Turnaround Time: 24 ─ 48 Hours


Did you know that when recruiters and employers assess CVs to select candidates for interview, they separate CVs into either the left-hand side, middle side (the hopefuls?), and the right-hand side?

At Norwood Employability, we write professional CVs that catapult your CV to the right-hand side… the ones for the interview!

We do this by

  1. Highlighting your CV wow factor quickly, which is the single most influencing factor whether you’ll get an interview invite.

Our Norwood Employability specialists work with you to develop your most suitable CV.

Our fundamental principle of CV writing is that:

Every bullet point in your CV should show “transferable skills” + “technical knowledge” + “quantified results.

Besides your CV showing its wow factor at the ‘right’ place, using the above principle is the next element of the interview-winning CVs that we create for you at Norwood Employability.



Your CV might be letting you down if you don’t have or know how to write a CV that has a WOW FACTOR!

Our clients use the CVs we write to get MULTIPLE interviews some in 14 days!

90% of job applicants fail to impress the recruiters or employers with their CVs.

Most people write poor CVs (i.e., CVs with no ‘wow factor’) that don’t attract the employers’ attention. Do you know how? Have an excellently written CV; have a chance for an interview!

Norwood Employability experts work with you to rewrite your CV to bring out the “wow factor.”

We use a principle unknown to most CV writers out there. By showing in every bullet point your “transferable skills” + “technical knowledge” + “quantified results“

So, our key CV writing principle that has worked for our clients in 90 percent of the times is to use the little-known concept of ‘CV WOW FACTOR’. It is a crisp summary paragraph at the beginning of the CV, 4-6 lines top, to write in a very appealing way who you are. You’re to think of your CV as your marketing solution.

For example, if you had only 5 seconds to get someone to listen to you, what would you like them to know about you?

We hold your hand and show you how best to write this and make your CV to stand out from the crowd to win you an interview invite.

With this unique approach, your CV gets noticed because it stands you out.

We optimise your CV to pass any Applicant Tracking System (ATS) using Jobscan app when you give us your specific job description.

We teach you how to review the CV for any other job applications, and quality resources to read, so you don’t have to pay any more subsequently.

It wins you interview invitations.

Our clients’ CVs are the ones that brought the highest commendations to Norwood Employability as evidenced by the testimonials posted.

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