8-Week Training Programme for Entry-Level Job Seekers [Finding A Job Quicker] [Flexible Payments Available]


We help you find the desired job in 30-60 days depending on your situation or till a job is secured, whichever comes first.

Norwood Employability’s ‘I Need A Job’ training programme prepares you for the job market.

It covers all the employment-readiness services we offer and is concluded in 2 months.

You participate in LIVE one-on-one video coaching sessions with our employability manager, Dr John, two times a week. Here’s exactly how we achieve this with you.

Read how we worked with a typical client to get a job in 60 days after 13 months of no-job!


We Are Happy to Guide You

Meanwhile, here’s why you should train with us today…

✍ Each month you remain unemployed, you’re losing money – £30,000 annual on average (as unearned income). So, enrol in our ‘get the job quicker’ training programme today!

✍ Schools didn’t teach everyone how to find jobs upon graduation.

✍ Google (and Googling) doesn’t organise all job-finding information into a format to be readily useful to job seekers. Our experienced team does. You need an experienced career coach to guide

✍ The training packages we offer are based on specialised knowledge backed by our focus group research and guaranteed to land you a job faster!

✍ Your future is in your hands, hence, you need to be proactive in getting your desired career.

Contents of Our Employment-Finding Services

  1. Working with you to determine the most appropriate job role to aspire to (for undergraduates, the earlier you know this the better).
  2. Recreating your LinkedIn profile to a top professional level including the Headline to make it ‘client-facing’, Summary and LinkedIn Optimisation.

We correct any noted abnormalities that can hinder your job prospects, which is based on our experience as recruiters.

  1. Giving you a strategy/template for connecting with hundreds of professionals fast on LinkedIn who are working in the role you’re aspiring to (these hundreds of professionals will help you get a job referral quicker than if you never did this).

Remember “Managers often prefer to hire candidates who are referred to them by people whose opinion they value,” says Abby Thomas, Manhattan branch manager for Robert Half.

  1. Identifying and then profiling the companies you should target.

We show how to access the “hidden job market” and the “marketmakers” (people who are the front-liners or newsmakers in your industry) in your job search sector to ask for a job.

This is where the game-changing opportunities are!

Show you with some examples from other persons we helped how to develop a “sympathy message” to send out that would capture the attention of the above persons at a positively-deep emotional level (trust us, after reading this message, some would even be falling over themselves to help you!). We show you how to track the email you send so you monitor when they’ve opened your message or and know when to follow up.

  1. Working with you to revamp your CV to bring out a “wow factor” and use the principle of showing in every       bullet point your “transferable skills” + “technical knowledge” + “quantified results”

Also, to break into another industry, you should highlight (especially on your CV) your skills in COLLABORATION, TEAMWORK and MEETING DEADLINES.

  1. Working with you to develop suitable Cover Letters for every job application. Show you the best samples to     learn from.
  2. Teaching you how to ace every interview with our powerful tool called the”30-60-90-day plan.”

This is a document you develop based on the job description which you should take to an interview that indicates what you’ll do within the first 30, 60, and 90 days to add value to the organisation when they employ you.

  1. Teaching you how to handle your salary negotiation to increase it by 5-15%


Method of Training & Learning:

  • The training is conducted in a personable and relaxed setting, live video bespoke for your needs
  • We use Skype or Zoom or TeamViewer etc.
  • All materials are provided ─ templates, videos, reading/study material links



We have so much confidence in the process we’ve developed to work with you until you land your desired job.

We are beyond convinced that you’ll not only find the JOB, but as in many cases, you can find more than one job. BUT you must IMPLEMENT everything and trust our process; you’ll be amazed at how easy to get the results.

We have perfected and keep perfecting our job-finding methods – and so confident to tell you’ll get our training with ZERO RISK.

Take the 60 days you’ll work with us– that’s two months or as agreed– and put everything to immediate use

Because we pre-qualify who we work with – the ‘I can do it’ job seekers, you’ll land the job within this period.

…Else, send us an email ([email protected]), and we’ll give you a full refund – no hassles, no hard feelings (we’ll still be friends).

But you must act today to enrol!

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