Employability Skills Workshops for Your College & University Student Groups


Core Issues We Identified From Research That Influence Graduate Job Search Success Which You Must Pay Greater Attention to if You Want Your University Students  to Get A Well-Paid Job Quicker After Graduating.


By the End of the Workshops, Each Candidate Would Learn the Following:

  1. Career Planning and development ─ What job role(s) to aspire to?
  2. Recreating LinkedIn to a top professional level
  3. How to network with employersinternal recruiters and alumni?
  4. Identifying the “hidden job market” and the “marketmakers” (people who are the front-liners or newsmakers in any chosen industry) in their  job search sector
  5. How to get a well-paid job using unconventional strategies
  6. Creating a CV to bring out a “wow factor
  7. Writing suitable Cover Letters for different job applications.
  8. Interview preparation skills – TestsPhone interviewsAssessment centresIn-person interviews
  9. Salary negotiation skills