8-Week Training Programme [Job Market Preparation] [Flexible Payments Available]


Norwood Employability ‘Find A Job’ preparation program trains you for the job market.

It covers all the aspects of the employment-readiness services we offer in 2 months.

You will be a part of LIVE video coaching sessions with our employability manager, Dr. John, two times a week. Here’s a deck showing exactly how we achieve this with you.


We Are Happy to Train You 

Meanwhile, here’s why you should train with us today…

Each month you remain unemployed, you’re losing money – £30,000 annual on average (as unearned income). So, enrol in our ‘get the job quicker’ training program today!

Schools didn’t teach everyone how to find jobs upon graduation.

Google doesn’t organise all job-finding information into a format to be useful to job seekers. Our experienced team does. You need an experienced career coach to guide

The training packages we offer are based on specialised knowledge. It is handled by our focus group research and guaranteed to land you a job faster!

Your future is in your hands; hence, you need to be proactive in getting your desired career.



Benefits of Completing this Job-Readiness Training Programme

  • Within the next 1-2 months, you will understand the exact steps you have to take. They will put you in a better position toward getting a high-paid job within three months of graduating.

 The information received saves you the pains of trying to figure things out by yourself

You will understand how the job market works and then we will show you how to stay ahead of the competition. You will have to follow our steps (like this employability training) seriously.

  • You receive insider knowledge from our global recruitment experience.
  • You are free to ask any questions and have full support from our experienced experts. They will assist you further even after the formal coaching.

Here are the steps we will take you through after your degree program toward graduation. This has yielded success for those who have now taken up roles in finance. IT, government, science & tech, healthcare and other sectors.

The Find A Job Training Programme in Detail:

  1. We start with an initial consultation in which you will decide the real-world job role you wish to aim for. E.g. A BUSINESS ANALYST; or even a project manager, or an automation/process engineer, etc. We follow this by drawing up a job-finding and readiness plan, or strategy, covering the next 6 – 24 months or more.
  2. We direct you on the appropriate training to enrol where there’s a need to do so. For instance: from the roles cited above, you can take a Business Analysis training course. (On your preferred schedule). You will be learning to use and master the software tools used in the target role.
  3. For the next step, we show you how to join small job referral networks which will lead to job opportunities soon.
  4. We will show you how to build professional relationships with practitioners in your industry. This will include advice on how to put together email ‘connection’ requests.

With some examples from other persons, we helped to develop a “polite request” message and send out. It will capture the attention of the above persons at a deep emotional level.

5.     Next, we will cover methods to keep adding value to the people with whom you’re building a                 relationship. We will provide you with our 11 ways to continue adding value to a professional network. We can ensure you won’t come across as a redundant member, ‘taker’ or ‘exploiter’

From the example in No. 1, they will learn how to make and nurture a network. Also, how to support it once ready and take up the role of a Business Analyst.

6. We show you how to seek and get practical work or project experience. This may be a placement or internship, insight week by volunteering in the related business or organisation. In our example, the person will look to gain useful experience as a business analyst.

NOTE: Work experience is always critical! This differentiates you from candidates without experience when applying for a job!

7. At this point, you know that this is what you need. We will encourage you to gain appropriate professional certifications for your desired role. For example, a Business analysis certification exam (such as the British Computer Society’s) would be perfect.

This will increase the client’s credibility.

8. Now, you’ll be ready to apply for jobs (even if you haven’t yet received certification).

We also help with:

  • How to write a winning CV and cover letter.

Our focus here is the concept that every CV bullet point should include. The reference to specific “transferable skills”, “technical knowledge” and “quantifiable results”. A winning CV should have elements of the “WOW FACTOR”.

That is mandatory verifiable evidence of having generated or saved money and time, processed information or implemented procedures in relevant previous roles.

  • How to raise your LinkedIn profile to a professional level
  • How to use shared connections to optimise your job referral networks?
  1. We work together to recreate your LinkedIn to a professional level
  • Add to the headline your prospective job title(s);
  • Re-write your profile summary to take advantage of LinkedIn optimisation tool;
  • Add many beautiful pictures to your listed activities; add professional or affiliate groups;
  • Rewrite the activities carried out in your previous jobs to reflect transferable skills. Technical knowledge and quantifiable results achieved and not merely highlighting responsibilities.
  1. Learn how to use LinkedIn to find professionals in your chosen job role.
  • Start a direct relationship with people in the job role or industry you’re aiming at.
  • Then grab opportunities to speak to all these professionals that will help you in your role. They will provide you with everything you need to win the job you want. They’ll act as referrals when you need the job.

We give you templates of the polite wording to use as emails to send to these professionals.

  • How to set up job alerts on Google
  • How to use keywords from a job description to tweak every CV bullet point. Whenever you are applying for a new position, it will be able to pass the jobs applicant tracking system.
  • How to follow up your job applications
  • Interview preparations and post-interview analysis
  • Provision of examples and templates to amend to suit your situations

9. Teach you how to write brief commercial research papers; in the subject you have little or no experience. This skill alone would showcase to the employers your potential for problem-solving

10. Give you tips on how to build, and keep building, a CV over time while doing this training.

11. We show how to access the ‘hidden job market’ (which now represents around 80% of all available jobs).

12. We will teach you the principles to negotiate your first salary. You will be able to increase it from 5% to 15% of the initial offer. There is no way to achieve that without this knowledge.

13. Finally, we will show you other post-employment tips. Many of them are related to negotiation skills and help to gain promotions. These will keep you at the top of the game.

Method of Training and Learning:

  • The training finishes with a personal and relaxed setting. Live video bespoke for your current needs.
  • We use Skype or Zoom or TeamViewer etc.
  • All materials are provided ─ templates, video, reading/study material links


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