3-in-1 Service (CV, Cover Letter, & LinkedIn Profile: For Executive Level Candidates)


Turnaround Time: 72 ─96 Hours


Tailored for


✔️ Directors, executive directors, executive vice-presidents;

✔️ General managers, managers, managing directors;

✔️ Senior vice-presidents, and vice-presidents.

At Norwood Employability, we offer the 3-in-1 service for all executive-level candidates in any industries and levels.

We work with you to outpace the competition and land the role of your dream.

We can work on your extra or specific requirements such as designed or branded CVs and cover letters. Our specialists at Norwood Employability work hard to write the interview-winner CV that sets you apart from the crowd.

Whether you’re transitioning to a new industry or changing job, we show 3-5 of your transferable skills to show how you fit in the current role.

We also offer to vet every of your cover letter until you received your job offer letter.

Next, we develop your LinkedIn profile to the most professional look.

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Job-Winning CV For You

Little-Known, Big Differences

There’s this little-known concept called CV wow factor. Hardly anybody is talking about it. But when you learn it and use it, you’ll see a huge difference in your CV and how fast you can land interviews.

This is our little secret for writing interview-winning CVs:

Every bullet point in your CV should show “transferable skills” + “technical knowledge” + “quantified results.” These are the elements of interview-winning CVs we help you create at Norwood Employability.

What our client for an executive vice-president role said on our “Google My Business” review page:

Service Description


Your CV might be letting you down if you don’t have or know how to write a CV that has a WOW FACTOR!

Our clients use the CVs we write to get MULTIPLE interviews some in 14 days!

90% of job applicants fail to impress the recruiters or employers with their CVs.

Most people write poor CVs (i.e., CVs with no ‘wow factor’) that don’t attract the employers’ attention. Do you know how? Have an excellently written CV; have a chance for an interview!

Norwood Employability experts work with you to rewrite your CV to bring out the “wow factor.”

We use a principle unknown to most CV writers out there. By showing in every bullet point your “transferable skills” + “technical knowledge” + “quantified results. “

With this unique approach, your CV gets noticed because it stands you out.

We optimise your CV to pass any Applicant Tracking System (ATS) using our app when you give us your specific job description.

We teach you how to review the CV for any other job applications, and quality resources to read, so you don’t have to pay any more subsequently.

It wins you interview invitations.

Our clients’ CVs are the ones that brought the highest commendations to Norwood Employability, as evidenced by the testimonials posted.


Cover Letter

Norwood Employability experts work with you to develop your best cover letter and then offer to vet every other one you would have until you have received your job offer letter.

Service Description

Most people write poor cover letters that don’t attract employers’ attention

Not knowing how to write the best quality cover letter and CV too would prevent potential employers from seeing your value without having met or met you face-to-face. Do you know how?

Norwood Employability experts work with you to develop your best suitable cover letter and subsequently would vet your letter for every job application you’re sending out until you receive your job offer letter.

We show you our best samples from 10 different job roles that you can choose.










Revamping your LinkedIn profile to professional level & optimising it

We work together to recreate your LinkedIn profile to a professional level and add to the headline your prospective job title(s), optimise your profile such that you become visible to recruiters when they search your job roles for employment prospects.


Service Description

How would you…

…develop a highly impressive LinkedIn profile ready to make your brand stand out so that recruiters can locate and contact you when they have jobs?

We work together to

    • Recreate your LinkedIn to a professional level
    • Add to the headline your prospective job title(s)
    • Re-write your profile summary
    • Add many beautiful pictures to your listed activities; add professional or affiliate groups
    • Re-write the activities carried out in your former jobs so that they reflect transferable skills, technical knowledge and quantifiable results achieved and not merely highlighting RESPONSIBILITIES.
    • Comprehensive creation of content for the Education, and Skills & Endorsements along with content suggestions for Volunteer, Accomplishments, and Interests. Photos tips and recommended groups to join. A complete profile strategy, indeed!
    • Use industry keywords to optimise your profile

    Learn how to use LinkedIn to find professionals in your chosen job role.
    Start immediately to develop useful relationships with people in the job role or industry you are going to specialise in;
    and then create opportunities to speak to all these professionals one-by-one who will help put you in this role immediately you want a job, i.e. after this training programme. They’ll act as referrals when you need the job ultimately.



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