Finding your first job after graduation shouldn’t be so frustrating and time-consuming.

Most times, the challenges you face as a young graduate are usually as a result of your lack of preparation for the world of work. And what’s more? Your inability to choose the right career path.

You see, having knowledge and skills are not enough to climb up the career ladder, especially in this competitive time. Rather, choosing the right career and being ready for its opportunity are the seemingly little things that greatly impact your whole career journey. Of course, there are many considerations in choosing up the right path based on your skillset, knowledge and abilities. You must be prepared to position every career step you take to align with your chosen career in the long run. For most graduates, this choice is often done along the lines of which career aligns the best to their field of study or talents.

It is easier for some of you who already have “noticeable” talents than others who may need to look within to know theirs. The latter always form many job seekers.

My advice of all time is this, do not do it alone. If you are unsure of what career path to follow, seek help!

The issue a lot of young graduates’ struggle with today is lack of mentorship. But that shouldn’t be a problem, you can speak to career experts and coaches. When you have a career expert guide, your job search saves you time, energy and money!

Just, don’t make the decision alone for the following reasons you may not effectively consider:

Developing Employability skills: Being smart and brilliant is not just enough. Lacking employability skills becomes a barrier to building a sustainable career life. It is these skills that help you go through the seemingly difficult transition from college to the workplace.

Getting employability training is, therefore, imperative.

Giving up Easily:

Yes, we live in the tech age; an age where almost every information is speedily at one’s fingertips… the age of instant gratification. So, your tendency of giving up easily is understandable but then giving up is for losers not winners. Despite the need to getting what you want when you want it, strong will and determination to succeed should lead you. Don’t relent because, at the end of the day, all the hundreds of NOs won’t matter when that one YES arrives.

At the end of the day, it is sure worth it!

Shying Away from Challenges:

Truly every one of us loves our comfort zones. I mean, that’s why it is called comfort zone, right? But, that’s one of the great undoings of a lot of us, especially young graduates. Listen, young friends; if there’s any best time to try something and fail, it is when you are young. The problem with many graduates and even students about to graduate is that you want a secured career. That’s not bad. I mean, who doesn’t? But when that desire makes u unwilling to accept challenges being faced in the real world, it becomes detrimental to you. Remember the goal is not to land the perfect job upon graduation, rather it is to discover yourself in a progressive career environment.

Using a “one-fits-all” Résumé:

Not using a customised résumé is to be listed as one of the top ways of ‘Not Looking’ for a job. Your résumé is the basis through which a company can judge your capabilities, knowledge, skills and abilities. When you are applying for the same post in different companies, you might print multiple copies of your résumé and cover letter. But one must be careful. Managers are really good at identifying cookie-cutter or generic résumés, which is an automatic turn off. The result is almost always the same -losing that opportunity. You don’t want that. Do you? So, your résumé must be customised. With a customised resume, one can easily identify skills, knowledge and abilities according to the post in the jobs.

Scared to Negotiate:

Most fresh graduates fail to negotiate their salary requirement. This is the most common mistake that young job seekers commit in their career. They feel countering a salary offer automatically leads to losing the opportunity and are therefore pushed to accept a low salary. Here’s the surprising thing that happens when you counter a salary offer. It shows you know your worth and what you are bringing to the table Employers want that!

In a nutshell,

Be smart and say no to these mistakes. Your one mistake can take away the best opportunities for your career growth.

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