It is around that time of the year again.

Companies are taking stock of the end. Workers are taking time off. Families are vacationing. Everyone is seemingly distracted… Oh well, not the smart job seeker!

I will tell you why.

It is because this is also the period where a lot of organisations hire prospects to prepare for the new year, to meet the special needs of the season, to get a replacement for a worker who left and other good reasons.

Contrary to popular opinion, the holidays are a good time to look for a job. At the centre of the shopping, visiting and partying lies several productive opportunities to land your choice job if you are focused. So, keep your spirits up now than ever, your head held high and keep throwing your dart to the dartboard. The offer can roll in at any time. Who knows?

With the festive season comes get-togethers and like gatherings which provide ample opportunities for networking. Take advantage of the different people you’d meet. Research the prospective employers and network with them. Believe me; most people are generous this season, you’d be surprised how effortless the whole connection will be. Just make sure your social networking skills are up to par. Remember, the goal is a land an offer, so do not come off as desperate or needy.

Another way to further your job search cause in the festive season is by sending out seasonal greeting cards to prospective employers. Be creative. By this I mean you should tactically infuse your job search in something as simple as a seasonal card. If it is an organisation you’ve applied for and still waiting to be called for an interview, you could restate your enthusiasm in the role and company. If you think they don’t remember you anymore, add brief info about yourself. Also, don’t forget to attach your email address for easier reach. You would be amazed at what could come out of it.

You can also use the festive season to tell more friends and acquaintances about your job search. Talk about it at that family reunion, party, eat-out, etc. Truth is, everybody knows somebody and Opportunities abound everywhere, only if you try.

As a job seeker, this is a great time to strategise for the coming year.

Cheers to New Year, New Job! From

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