I just came across a post that ridicules the great job stories shared by people who landed jobs they did not “really” apply for.

The post ends with the notion that such incidents are a rarity. After all, jobs are scarce. Most active job seekers find it hard to secure jobs here, how much more for people who aren’t looking!

My first inclination was to scoff past the post and read better contents but decided to go check out the profile.

Your guess is as good as mine.

I found out the person has been job hunting for a long time on this platform with an almost empty profile…and of course, with the random heading “seeking XYZ industry role”.

Need I say more?

Now listen:

The job offers testimonials that you read on your LinkedIn timelines from various connections are not all fictitious just as the tips on landing great jobs here work.

Perhaps, the reason you may not be getting your desired result is YOU!

Before you consider giving up and start sounding frustrated and cynical… Look within!

I know you were told that by having a #LinkedIn account, you are automatically in the hall of opportunities. True. But it doesn’t end there. You must punch above your weight, and that begins from your Headline and Subject lines. They are the initial attention getters!

Matter of fact, your headline is a prime real estate and shouldn’t be wasted. Keywords optimisation in your headline can be the difference between appearing in the top 10 accounts for recruiter searches or getting lost in the background!

I honestly do not think you need any prophet to tell you that hiring managers and recruiters do not use keyword phrases like “seeking XYZ role”, ” Open to new opportunities”, “job seeker”, “looking for employment” and like expressions when searching for real talent. This is 2019.

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