“All the applications I’ve sent either get rejection emails or are outrightly ignored.”

“I’ve been unemployed for 4 years. All job adverts are fake cos they all don’t exist.”

Hello young friend,

One quick question:

Is your CV/résumé good enough to be shortlisted for an interview?

Meanwhile, these are my reasons people don’t get interview invites-


  1. Applying for jobs unqualified for, i.e., their hard & soft skills, training & experience.
  2. Using a CV or résumé that lacks depth –i.e. NOT directed toward the essential requirements of the job description.
  3. Uploading CV or résumé that fails to pass the ATS ‘test’
  4. Making your cover letters or emails to the hiring manager a duplication or summary of your CV or résumé.
  5. Mixing up the LinkedIn profile timelines such that it mismatches those shown on your CV or résumé.
  6. Having some “unpalatable to potential employers” posts on your social media pages.

Perhaps U get interviews but not the job at the end; then, relook at how you approach your interviews ─ Learn to ace interviews 👇


However, if you aren’t even lucky to get interview invites, then, re-examine my No.1-6 above.


Don’t get me wrong. I know job hunting can be exhausting and frustrating, but could it be… Could it just be that your CV/résumé is the stumbling block hindering you from getting that interview invite?

Oh, you didn’t think about that. Did you?

Well, you know what they say about first impressions.

It takes just 30 seconds to make a good/bad impression on whoever looks at your application; and since your CV depicts who you are on paper, it is your job to make the hiring managers see what makes you a good fit in less than the stipulated time. Pay attention to how you showcase yourself!

Remember that, just like first impressions, how you present yourself is how the hiring managers first view you.

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