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The good old days of finishing school and landing jobs almost immediately are far gone.

And hey… It is not bad news. What this only means is that the world is advancing and moving fast. Progress is always a good thing. So quit the complaints and flow with the tide. When I hear most young people complain that things are more difficult now, I find it quite amusing because I can tell you for free that never has there been a generation as blessed as this. Matter of fact, this is the best time to be alive. 😊

Like I will always say, we are in the era of fearless job hunting. Playing passive will only relegate you more to the background. Opportunities open more for job seekers who are proactive. Sometimes, the reason why you do not get an interview invite is that you do what every other candidate is doing out there –send out tons of applications and sit back waiting to be called for an interview.

If you are guilty of this, then, can I say this, respectfully: “Wake Up!”

Smart job seekers no longer wait for recruiters to call on them. They set the ball rolling. And sometimes, by doing the seemingly simple but unique things.

Here’s one: accompanying your job application with an email!

The whole essence of job hunting is to sell yourself to potential employers. Sending an email pitch alongside your application can make all the difference.

Won’t bore you with long epistles to go about it but here are quick tips to do this.

After applying for the role, check out for people who work at the organisation and specifically who is connected to the job you are interested, and who can help your resume get seen. LinkedIn is a great place to do this.

Get two or three people in the organisation and send your email pitch to them. It is not rocket science; all you need to do is be creative in your manner approach and composition.

Here are a few great tips on how to structure the email:

Make sure it is concise and straight to the point.

Make sure it is customised. Nothing pisses a person in the position to help you as generic mails. Show that you put effort into knowing little about them instead of getting off email templates online and filling in blank spaces.

Make sure it is compelling. Capturing the reader’s interest will go a long way with them having an interest in your person.

√ Make sure to check for mechanical accuracy. Error-filled and grammatical blunders are easy ways to get ignored from potential helpers. Endeavour to make your email error-free.

Make sure your tone is friendly and respectful. Avoid sounding desperate or entitled. It all begins with your language.

Today jobs are for candidates who go for them the unconventional way!

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