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In job interviews, just as in business pitching sessions, it usually all boils down to the two major edges: How valuable what you are offering is and the impression you have on your listener, who, in this context is the interviewer.

Creating a great and lasting impression can be all it takes to get a call-back for the job; hence, it is imperative that you learn the art of impressing the interviewer.

Now there are a lot of actions or words to us to achieve this, but what will bring your desired outcome is dependent on how good you follow the rule of making a worthy impression which will definitely involve knowing what to say aptly, when to say it and how to say it. Always remember, an interview is simply an avenue for you to sell yourself and let your personality shine to prospective employers.

In this article, I will show you how to stand out in the mind of the interviewer and be memorable by making lasting impressions on the interviewer.

If you really want to impress the interviewer, the best way around it is: answer the following five questions effectively.

Emphasis on the word “effectively!”

Having superb answers to these questions will not only show that you have done your research adequately but will also provide a point of reference when it is time to recall the top candidates.

1. When an interviewer asks that you work him/her through your resume:

Make your answer as succinct as possible by beginning with your “profile summary.” For instance, you could say something along the lines of, “Looking at my experiences to date, you’ll see that I’m well skilled in dealing with sensitive situations …etc”

Let them in on your skills and experiences by working it into an interesting story about yourself, tailored in such a way that addresses the role you are interviewing for and what you can offer.

2. Why Should We Hire You?

This crucial question must be added to the Interview Prep 101 because there is no escaping from answering it.

An incredibly impressive way to answer this question is to first talk about your enthusiasm and passion for the company as well as also stating why you believe the role is an ideal opportunity for you to bring solutions in XYZ capacity.

3. Why do you want to work here?

When most interviewers ask this question, they are trying to ascertain if you really wanted the job or just any job.

An impressive way of answering this question is to make sure you read through the role description, the company itself -challenges, accomplishments, threats and all. Incorporate this knowledge into your answer and tie it to how you will add value and contribute to the progress of the company on the one hand, and how the company will benefit you on the other hand. Use the question as an opportunity to hint on why you are the best choice for the role.

4) Tell me about a challenge you’ve faced and how you overcame it?

This behavioural question is aimed at knowing your problem-solving strength and in some cases, to know how good you handle the pressure.

First is to tailor your answer into an interesting related story in which you display your conflict resolution skills as well as your ability to manage unpleasant situations to lead to positive outcomes.

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5) Do you have any question for us?

Now, there are a lot of essays shunning out generic questions you should ask. Well, you can not dazzle the interviewer by asking the general questions. This almost every candidate may ask. Being unique in your response to this question is a great way to dazzle the interviewer.

An appropriate question to ask at this point should stem from your research of the company or arising from the interview session. This way, it is personalized and different and shows that you were immersed in the session.

You can also ask how they cope with XYZ challenge, or you may try a psychological approach by appealing to their minds. This can be done by asking a question that indirectly praises what they do.

For instance, you could ask how they did the wonder of being the most successful of XYZ enterprises. Answering your question will sure make them feel good because everybody likes talking about how they succeeded, and this creates a friendly atmosphere as you exit.

Here are my Ultimate Interview Questions to Ask The Interviewers

1. If you were to present me with a job offer, and I was to accept it, what would be the first activity or project I could do to make your life easier?

2. Do you have any reservations hiring me?

3. What is your management style and what type of staff works best with you?

4. What is the next step in the process?

Also, here are a set of 75 intelligent questions you can select from to ask the interviewers too.

You will notice that I emphasise having a personal story together with every answer. Remember, the goal is to create a good and lasting impression on the interviewer. There’s no better way of making a person remember you than telling a captivating story. Matter of fact, it really counts for you with the interviewers.

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