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From my experiences as a career coach and higher education practitioner for more than a decade working with a lot of young graduates and job seekers land their dream jobs, one factor that remains constant in their success especially as it regards to acing interviews is their confidence.

It does not matter how hard you prepare for an interview, the research you carry out on the company, the certifications you possess if you do not back up your arsenals with confidence, a candidate with fewer qualifications and even knowledge can beat you to the game.

The level of your confidence or the lack of it can make or mar your chances of landing the job of your choice. Matter of fact, what most interviewers look out for while asking you interview question is usually how composed and smart you are. And trust me, your level of confidence gives you out easily. For instance, you could be saying the right thing or showcasing your true skills, but without confidence, you will not sound convincing to the person on the other side of the table.

It is quite understandable that you are likely to be a little nervous ab initio. It is perfectly normal and natural. Even the most confident people are tensed at the beginning of such a formal exchange. However, it is imperative that you shake off the nervousness in the first few minutes and relax. At the interview stage, the recruiters do not expect you to be perfect, so remove the fear of flopping out of your mind by wearing an air of confidence.

To boost your confidence, you need to prepare adequately for the interview as well as have the required credentials for the role. I always coach my trainees to be read widely and be versatile. Knowing one or two things beyond your discipline and within the circumference of the role is very helpful in the weaving of your story and answers to the interview questions.

However, be very careful not to be overconfident.

Nobody wants to work with an arrogant employee, no matter how good the same employee is.

So the point is to have confidence enough to show the interviewer that you have positive self-esteem and can be in control of your narrative. While you may want to display that you know your onions in an interview, subtlety is always the way to go.

Furthermore, being self-confident in the interview will allow you boldly ask questions you don’t understand. It gives you off as one who is teachable and willing to learn. Here are my ultimate interview questions to ask the interviewers.

If you are anxious about a forthcoming interview, a good way of building your confidence is by standing/sitting in front of your mirror and rehearsing how to go about responding to expected questions.

Alternatively, you can also get a friend to act as the interviewer in a mock interview. A lot of trainees who do it are thankful for it as it helps them calm and recollected in the actual interview. Read more at www.norwoodemployability.com

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