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Welcome to Norwood Employability

Norwood Employability grew from the passion of Dr John who is committed to helping job seekers find the jobs they deserve.

Starting his journey in early 2000, Dr John completed a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s in Economics, Finance and Business. Wanting to push his investigation further, he completed a PhD in Entrepreneurship Development and International Business at Oxford Brookes University, Oxford City, United Kingdom.

Working with bright, intelligent students in the UK and worldwide, Dr John was surprised by how many students with excellent qualifications didn’t get the jobs they were aiming for.

Having spent so much time on gaining their education, these young people had given little attention to how they would turn that qualification into a career.

During the study years, how adequately does the school system prepare candidates for the real world of work?

Your guess is as good as mine!

There is not enough emphasis put out on the delivery of life and employment skills so, with this, the only available career advisers can’t give enough one-on-one time to the development of their students.

Have you met graduates (including master’s degree and doctorate holders), who roam the streets for months, even years, unable to land jobs that are equal to their qualifications?

Are you in this situation? I was!

After receiving my master’s, it took me 13 months to obtain my first lecturing job.

Not because I didn’t aggressively look for work, but rather, all my job search efforts were based on trial and error. During my study years, I never had any guides that were both comprehensive enough and tailored specifically to my job aspirations and how to find a job upon graduation.

My passion now is training others to find their career paths and aspirations much earlier and without any undue hassle.  A comprehensive and bespoke job finding programme and employability coach is your solution.

I’m Dr John, The Careers & Employability Consultant of Norwood Employability Ltd.  Can I have the honour of being your job search coach to solve the seven key challenges that stop you from getting the job you deserve using our unconventional approaches to finding jobs quicker?

The focused investigation done by Dr John has identified the skills which were missing and has created a programme to develop those missing talents. Now he’s built a team of equally passionate and skilled advisers who can support you in achieving your career goal.

This is an opportunity I wish I had 12 years ago and now, I’m presenting it to you at your fingertips. Enrol and be trained today!

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