If you just landed that choice job, here’s a hearty Bravo!

You deserve a pat in the back because it means your hard work, patience and resilience was worth it.

Now that you are in your new phase, it is imperative that you do not just relax. I will tell you why.

The thing is, getting your choice job is not the end; rather, it is a means to an end. The end here is building a great career and making a difference in your world. So, while landing that prized job is the ‘end’ of your job search, starting the new job signals the beginning of your career journey. And trust me, this phase requires its own set of guidelines for excellence.

Do you know what’s as important as getting employed? Staying employed!

Matter of fact, your early days in the job is the most crucial to determining how well you will be perceived in the job because, at this point, your employer will be looking for a confirmation that he made the right choice of candidate.

So, the feeling that you have run the race and gotten the prize (job), and thus ignoring some of the great tips I am about to share will only lead you straight back to the labour market. You don’t want that, do you? 😊

The following are a fine blend of practical tips and strategic advice that will ensure you begin the new job on a fine note as well as succeeding in the job thereafter.

1) Draw closer to positive co-workers:

As a newbie, expect to meet two kinds of co-workers in your new place of work: the complainers and passionates. On your early days in the job, it will help if you do well to identify these two groups of workers. And you do not have to sweat it to know A from B. All you must do is to listen and observe. It is almost always that apparent. When you do, avoid the complainers and slackers at all cost and associate with the passionate workers. They help boost your zeal for the new job and will hardly put you in trouble.

2) Make sure to Impress your Supervisor.

At this stage of your job, endeavour to rise to the expectations of your supervisor and if possible, go beyond expectation. Trust me; if you gain his admiration at the beginning, it will help your relationship with him in the long run. Try to assess what works best with him and follow suit. You can do this by following his directives, studying past projects under him and even more strategically, asking co-workers in confidence for tips to measure up to his expectations.

3) Don’t be afraid to ask for Assistance.

Yes. If you need help to carry out a task in your new role, be bold to ask for help. While it is good to show that you know your onions, it will be detrimental to you if you keep making avoidable mistakes that will likely lead to losses. Asking questions or assistance only shows you are human and making efforts to learn on the job. Remember the passionate colleagues, don’t hesitate to ask for their assistance when necessary. After all, nobody knows everything, hence resist the urge to always wanting to outdo yourself.

4) Be a Team Player:

Displaying a team spirit will help you greatly in blending well in your new job. It is expected that most of the tasks you will likely be carrying out will involve you being a part of a work team. Make sure you wear your social skill “cap” and liaise with your team to get the job done. Do not be a lone ranger. In fact, even when you can carry out the task alone, once you are in a team, endeavour to let them in on the job. Also, don’t forget to show loyalty and give credit when necessary as it helps you gain the trust of your coworkers.

Be friendly5) Be very Friendly:

You may be the newest person on the block but being friendly makes you blend into the system quickly. You may begin with something as simple as making sure to know the names of your co-workers. Inculcate the habit of calling them by their names (or call names). It gives off the vibe that you are one of them already and thus makes relating to them very easily. Knowing a person’s name is one of the easiest ways to get their attention and connect with their individuality.

Another effect this will have on them, and by extension for you, is that they will feel respected and important, especially members of your team.

Another way of being friendly includes wearing a real smile. Yes, I had to add real because people are not dumb; they will see through the fake smiles. So, learn to smile from the heart.

6) Be Proactive:

As you begin your new job, it is expected that you will be given ‘unsophisticated’ tasks to perform. Make sure to be diligent in carrying out these tasks and more importantly, be a self-starter. By this, I mean, take initiative and ask for new challenges instead of always waiting to be told what to do. There are only a few companies that employ workers just to tell them what to do simply. Most companies appreciate workers who are smart enough to take the initiative on what to do.

7) Be Punctual:

Once new at the job, punctuality is one of the parameters for checking if you are a go-getter or just another uninspired, slothful fellow who’s only there for the paycheque. Even for old workers, punctuality is very crucial, how much more a newbie! Therefore, endeavour to be one of the earliest persons to get to work. It not only shows enthusiasm and seriousness, but it also proves that you are ready to work hard.

Finally, you should be open-minded and always be ready to learn, unlearn and relearn. That’s the whole essence of life anyway. Being the newest member of any organisation can be as exciting as it is daunting, but we are here to guide you on every step of the way because your success is our best interest.

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