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In the corporate world, the beginning of a new year is always very crucial as well as replete with a lot of changes.

Some workers at this point start looking to change careers and job seekers dust up their resumes from the desk of the restive season to go into the labour market.

Hence, it is a time that witnesses a massive switch in careers and acceptance of many job offers. What this implies is that the job market will definitely be populated at this point.

Now, why should this bother you as a Job Seeker

The reason is not far-fetched. It is common economics of demand and supply. Go figure!

Now, you are in a pool of equally smart people who are changing careers or looking to begin entry role journeys with diverse certifications and skills aiming at one goal: to secure a job!

Undoubtedly, the race will then become the survival of the fittest. And quite literally, organisations and hiring managers will most likely make a painstaking pick of the best among equals.

The one big question you should ask yourself is this: Why should I be the chosen one?

Put differently, this is simply evaluating the level of your employability.

While a lot of attention is placed on the rate of unemployment in the country, another aspect of the equation is that often side-lined is employability.

Having worked with a lot of job seekers, I can confidently say that sometimes, the issue with young graduates is not that there are no jobs; rather, it is that an appreciable number of job seekers are not employable.

Every organisation knows what they want, and that is definitely not to reduce unemployment. No company hires you because they want you to be employed. No!

The secret of landing a job in there is to have what they want in a way no other person has it. You get employed based on how much value you can offer.

The truth about the world we live in today is that everyone is honestly interested in what is in “it” for them. And this is not supposed to be a bad thing. Matter of fact, a smart job seeker should use this to his/her advantage.

So, in 2020, pay attention to how employable you are.

Here are a few secrets to boosting your employability:

1) Upskill and Reskill.

Learning a new skill is never a waste of time because your worth is intrinsically connected to your skills. What’s better?

You can first map out the industry or field you want a job in and then learn new skills that are in high demand in that area.

Be sincere about the whole process by evaluating your self-based on your skillset.

Then look at the industry you desire to work in and compare the skill set required to excel in it.

I talked about this in my previous article (insert article about skills).

The skills you wield is a major deciding factor in your being the recruiter’s choice.

Skills whether soft or hard are what basically separates the men from the boys.

Thank God for technology and digitalisation, there are now a lot of avenues to up your skills without a lot of hassles. Challenge yourself to it!

2)  Build on Your Emotional Intelligence.

Aside from skills, one very important value recruiters look at for in candidates is the level of their emotional intelligence.

Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is great but times are changing, and in case no one has ever told you, hiring managers now look beyond the IQ and focus on EI because most if not all organisations work with people be them, staff or customers.

So, your emotional intelligence will prove to be an asset on any job.

Make a deliberate effort to build on your emotional intelligence.

It will help you showcase your self during the recruitment process and on the job itself.

3) Know your greatest strength.

Everyone one of us is unique. And even if there are a million sales candidates in a room, each one of them has a peculiar selling point!

Here’s my quick question: What is your Unique Selling Point?

It is very important that you know what it is and then build on it.

Imagine Michael Jackson being a wrestler or Mohammed Ali being a singer… They will surely struggle.

Every one of us is born to be great, but the only difference between people who go out there to become great is that they discovered their what makes them unique and then channelled their energy to building on that one strength.

Apply this to your job search and you will see massive results in no time.

Know what makes you different from every other job seeker out there seeking the same role as you.

That is what will truly decide if you will be picked over every other person.

4) Go Big or Go Home.

This is one of my grandfather’s favourite lines. And I want you to apply it to your job search this year.

Anything worth doing is worth doing well and your job search shouldn’t be left out.

Be all out to get a job! This will have to begin with you smartening up your social media presence.

Make no mistakes, the real job opportunities have left the pages of your dailies to social media especially professional ones like #LinkedIn. Start by making sure you are visible.

Be a star job seeker and communicate your value clearly.

In your professional summary, sell yourself well.

Connect and engage with the right connections and you will thank yourself for it.

5) Have a Positive Attitude.

It may sound cliché, but I will say it anyway… “Attitude is like a car tyre.

You won’t go far with a bad one!” As a job seeker, maintain a positive attitude and exude of positivity.

You may never know where and when your rightful job is waiting.

Let positivity be displayed in your words and actions.

Referrals usually come from a positive attitude, therefore be deliberate about it.

I know these may look like open secrets, but I bet you to be deliberate about following them.

You will be amazed by the resultant effect of these secrets.


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